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It was Monday afternoon
I was lying in my bedroom
When I felt the sweat that runs in my body
That’s why I lazily woke up
And turned on the electric fan

When I start washing my clothes
The cloud hides the sun
And a huge wind blows around
Suddenly I heard a multiple raindrop
That feeds the thirsty land

I start wondering
That rain is like a problem
You cannot escape it
But you must face it
You might get wet
But it can molds you to be a better one
And always remember that after the rain
There is a rainbow

That no matter how trials
Tried to knock you down
Try to steal happiness from you
And how life puts you in vain

Stand up, smile and face forward
Remember why God chooses you to live and covers our sin with his love
Because everything in this world that God has created
Rain or Shine
Millions of raindrops that may poor into you
God is always there for you
Showered his blessings
Countless like RAINDROPS.

A dog named Mayblue

I wish to have one like you
A hairy, sweet and loving buddy,
To tear my teddy bear
To lick my face and neck
To play with me a nail
And to bark the cat when he’s near

You always want a very cold water
Because you know it when it’s not from the freezer,
You always want to brush your hair
Three to four times a day
When you take a shower,

They call you baby smarty
Because every time you want to poop
You want us to know how it smells
You don’t want to wash your teddy
Even if he’s so dirty

Every morning when he calls you
You show your face like hey! I’m blue,
You always want to sit with a pillow
Like you always wanted to,
You don’t want to leave you
Because you cry in front of the window

Every time you heard the sound of his car
Even if he’s far, you run into him
And show how much you missed him,
I watched you in distance while you’re craving to bite me
And me like, oh! That’s scares me

I just missed the time when you were still my baby
We travel together and you slept to my knee,
You poop around in my room
And wake me when I’m asleep
How sad in seeing you now
Barking as you don’t know me.


Original Composition Of Elsie Romano


Di madaling mag isa

Lalo na’t malayo ka sakanila,

Sa  tuwing tatawag ka

Sasabihin mo na lang na okay ka

Kahit ang totoo nahihirapan ka na,

Ayaw mong makita ka nilang mahina

Dahil ikaw ang lakas nila,

Minsan kahit gusto mo nang sumuko

Sasabihing pagod kana at di mo na kaya,

Pero Mahirap pala

Lalo na’t mismong sila

Di napagod mapagtapos ka lang sa kursong iyong kinuha,

Di matutumbasan ang mga paghihirap nila

Kaya ngayong matanda na sila

At kaya mo nang mabuhay mag-isa

Ipakita at iparamdam mong di sila nag iisa

Malayo ka man, ang pagmamahal mo sakanila kaylan man di mawawala

Magsikap ka’t wag mag-papabaya

Dahil tagumpay mo’y tagumpay din nila.Life Never Ends Here

The Journey

I believe that Life is not about finding yourself, Life is about creating yourself”. We are different from each other, and we know it! some are gifted with talents on how to sing, dance, draw & sketch, play instruments and some people know all that but not good as them. Life on Earth is not fair. That’s the word that always sinks into my mind. In my life, the only reason why I go this far is what they called “the only root of all evil”, Money. don’t be such so hypocrite, I am not raised in a high-class family, my parents own a farm and earned 7-8 sacks every cropping. When I graduated in high school, I never thought that I can proceed to college. I even tried to apply for a scholarship, but I did not meet the requirements because I run out of time. Luckily, my grandfather on LA provide my full tuition every semester and even gave me extra money for my allowance. I took up Bachelor of Science in Development Management Major in Public Affairs Management in University of Southern Mindanao- Kabacan. Of course, Trials are always there. I am elected as Society Treasurer that stands for a big role in Development Management Society. April 06, 2016, Wearing a black gown and marching together with my parents who is very proud that finally, I Graduated with a degree. I started to find a job through online and received lots of text for an interview, but one thing that captures my attention is the Sixeleven in General Santos City. I am so much excited that finally, it’s for real, it’s not a school project that you need to act and memorize a script but you need to sell yourself to them why they must hire you. “You’re hired” that’s the unforgettable line I heard in my first interview and I was like YESSS! it’s 5 pm and I think I can’t go home because we have an orientation so I dial my fathers’ number and told them that I can’t go home, maybe the day after tomorrow. It did not run smoothly, the salary is not worth it and I don’t think that I can earn so I decided to stop and find a new work. But it lasts for 6 months is still I have no work. My parents don’t know all this, I pretend that I am Okay but the truth is I’m suffering very much. I can’t even eat 3x a day, I have no money to buy for my sanitary hygiene, no fare and the worst is, we haven’t paid yet the 1 month advance of boarding house where I am staying and if I can’t pay it, We’ll be kicked out. And that happen. A married boy helps us, We stayed in their boarding for 3 months of late paying. I have no money and all that’s left are the pawn paper of my laptop, wireless & USB speaker, Asus DVD-RW, Iron, 32gb USB, bags and shoes, 30x Camera and Samsung tablet. Maybe I am rich with gadgets but they are all just a gift from my grandpa and so much memorable to me, especially the Laptop, that’s my first gift from my grandpa. And I am thinking to sell them just to survive. I cried every time I’ll remember that I have nothing left. My mother gives me a gold necklace on my birthday. I pawned it because they are in need of money. So I decided to go to Davao, to find a call center job. Unfortunately, I can’t work on night shift. That month is November, and praying I could go home by Christmas, the only hope we have is the salary loan but it was just a scam. I missed my parents, I miss them so much. I ask God why is this happening? why I can’t be with my Parents on Christmas eve. they tried to send me money just to chase the last hour of Christmas but it’s too late, All remittances are closed. I know my mother cried because it’s my first time that we are not completely together on Noche Buena. I just sleep and wait until the morning. I know all myself that I really need to find work and God gave me my wish. I was hired as Virtual Office Assistant in Aristo Sourcing Inc. and a luckily, I am promoted as Executive Assistant. And my grandpa gives me and my brother a new Samsung tablet. It’s a good start in fixing all the problem. We all know that everything happens for a reason, we just need to be brave enough to face all those trials that may come.