It was Monday afternoon
I was lying in my bedroom
When I felt the sweat that runs in my body
That’s why I lazily woke up
And turned on the electric fan

When I start washing my clothes
The cloud hides the sun
And a huge wind blows around
Suddenly I heard a multiple raindrop
That feeds the thirsty land

I start wondering
That rain is like a problem
You cannot escape it
But you must face it
You might get wet
But it can molds you to be a better one
And always remember that after the rain
There is a rainbow

That no matter how trials
Tried to knock you down
Try to steal happiness from you
And how life puts you in vain

Stand up, smile and face forward
Remember why God chooses you to live and covers our sin with his love
Because everything in this world that God has created
Rain or Shine
Millions of raindrops that may poor into you
God is always there for you
Showered his blessings
Countless like RAINDROPS.


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