How much does Ear Wax Removal Cost?

Ear wax (cerumen), naturally occurs in everyone’s ear. It contains long-chain fatty acids, both unsaturated and saturated, as well as cholesterol, squalene, and alcohols. The Bridgend Clinic offers ear wax removal (micro suction), the price cost £160. This is a very common procedure in children since it is very hard to remove ear wax in a natural way. Microsuction reduces damage to the structures of the inner ear compared to using small tools and cotton applicator.

According to

“The average cost of professional ear wax removal ranges between $40 and $100 depending on the build up in the ear.” This can be done is a doctor’s office or a person can go to a specialist that focuses on the health of the ear. In addition to removing the wax from the ear, a physician may need to prescribe ear drops in order to keep the wax in the ear from building up again. If a person goes to a clinic to have a professional remove their earwax they can pay around $60. The wax will be removed by the professional in different ways. Some doctors will use a pressurized water pump to remove the wax. Water is squirted into the ear and will drain the wax out with it. There is a special tool that has a tiny plastic hoop on the end and is inserted into the ear. This can be used to remove the wax. There are times when large chunks of ear wax form in the ear canal, which won’t come out using any method other than physically removing them with medical instruments like we normally used.

In the Philippines, Dr. Keneth Ong – Baritua, An Ear-Nose-Throat (ENT) Specialist for 12 years in Binondo – Metropolitan Medical Center. The cost is worth ₱ 500 for regular consultation only and this fee is indicative and may vary.

In Costhelper Health the typical costs:
Without insurance, an appointment to have earwax removed can cost between $40 and $110 at a primary care physician’s office or a clinic for people without insurance. CVS Minute Clinic charges $59 for ear wax removal. With insurance, typical copays and deductibles will apply. Copays for office visits range between  $5 and $75 depending upon the insurance company. Over-the-counter earwax removal kits range from $5 for an Ototek Loop removal kit to nearly for a Kyrosol Ear Wax Removal System.

Additional costs:
The Food and Drug Administration strongly recommends that patients avoid ear candling. If ear candling results in burns or an ear injury, a doctor’s visit or hospital visit may be required. For those without insurance, a visit could cost between and depend upon the extent of the injury.

Blocked ears make you uncomfortable, irritated and dull hearing. Ear candling is not recommended and is ineffective but the safest way is Microsuction, It is comfortable and effective for ear wax removal in people over 10 years old. In acute hearing audiological services, The cost for ear wax removal is $99 for one (1) ear and $149 for two ears. This cannot be covered by medicare and can be claimed from some private health insurers. It is best if you check with your health insurer to see if you are covered.

I have a college friend, who regularly inspect her ears. If she sees chunks of ear wax, she uses something like hairpin to remove them all. It looks kind of like large tweezers, with a small scoop on one end. She tells her ear wax is dry and is a little bit worried because sometimes her ear aches and dull hearing.


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