5 Amazing Things I love in Jack’s Ridge

  1. Overview of Davao City

It is situated on top of a hill, specifically, Shrine Hills. I love this place, especially at night, has an awesome view of the city lights, fresh air, accommodating staff and a quiet place.


2. Amphitheater

Every event will be memorable because of a scenic atmosphere.


3. Delicious Halo-halo and Durian Flan

If you were craving for a real satisfying meal, This is what you were looking for. Delicious desserts, because I love sweets and good for the ones who is thirsty, tired of walking and to be refreshed.


4. Japanese War Plane

In my first time in this place, I did not notice this plane. And to my shock, below that plane, there is a small cave which is undeveloped. But it is amazing that every single place in this resort is very momentum.


5. Playground

If you have a child/ren, they will perfectly enjoy playing here. Though I’m not a kid anymore. 18010565_1262543037199462_6403311722693351498_n

I still remember when I have a lot of problems until now, kidding. I just go here to think and decide what should the best thing to do. The quietness of this place will feel you are relaxing, that’s why I love this place.


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