Samal Island Discovering beyond Imagination


Living St. Ana Wharf at 10:00am.

That is the Talikud Island, We don’t stopover but as you can see how amazingly beautiful it is. It is like inviting you to drop by and experience the elegance of the crystalized water that synchronized by the warmth of the wind and sun.

I want to feel the enjoyment of this trip and that will start from swimming. Honestly, I do not know how to swim but because of the life vest, I still experience swimming. We know that boat trip will not be completed if you don’t swim.

And obviosly, Diving is the best experience when you see this jaw-dropping and beautiful corals, ah! before I forgot, this is the Coral Garden, Literally.

Oops, careful! corals are also very tricky, so watched your step if you going to do the same as what we did, that’s very brave you know.
This time, the boat docked to Babu Santa Beach.
While we are going towards our next destination, We saw this cottages with direction line which makes it more beautiful and very attractive.
20170504_152515 20170504_215129
This is our next destinaton, Sabang Cliff Jumping. I’m not scared of height but this one, It’s No No!. So there you are, I did not try the cliff jumping not because I’m afraid but also my tablet fells into the water.

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And thats the end of my trip. Hope you enjoy. please follow my travel blog.

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