Seven Falls in Lake Sebu

My First time to come here is not good because I am not that prepared for a trekking trip. As in, I have no hat and forget to bring water. I Just imagine that it is so simple with just a blink of an eye you’ll be there, you know all those very simple and not that so tricky falls? you just need to walk for a few minutes and boom! there you go.

There are seven falls which only two I was able to go due to exhaustion and lack of time. you know that no matter how tired you are if you will going see how beautiful the nature is, you won’t feel that tired feeling. Above that we have seen and heard the first noise that accompanied the heavy impact of water. I’m so excited to come here.

Anyway, you should have read my another article entitled Seven Falls Lake Sebu Escapade.


Unplanned Trip

Actually, I do not think that I can go swimming, after all that is really one of the main characteristics of being a travel blogger, right? If you have read the 5 amazing things I love in Jack’s Ridge, it is one that I like here in this place. You can see above the beautiful view of the pool and on the left side you can see the amazing view of Davao City. There are many tourists who come here and take pictures. The next time I will return here, I’ll help you find out about how to get here, what things you need to bring, how much is the entrance fee, and the food you should taste. So if you wish to know it, you can subscribe via email.