My name is Elsie. I love traveling, writing, photography, eating foods, listening, adventures and making my world a better and unique place.

I am happy when I inspire others to live wide awake and savor the good things life has to offer. But more importantly, living mindfully and loving oneself is what I’d like to impart the most.

The path to reach it may not be fair, clear, nor easy. But once reached, you’ll earn your reward, the crown you’ve been aspiring. We go through life interacting with different people, facing diverse situations, each one adding color to fill the hearts as we learn. Those colors may lead the way, but they do not signal the end. 

This blog is a collection of my different destinations in different places where I discovered parts of myself. I started making this blog in the first week of March 2017.

Contact me through lifeneverendshere2017@gmail.com