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Seven Falls in Lake Sebu

My First time to come here is not good because I am not that prepared for a trekking trip. As in, I have no hat and forget to bring water. I Just imagine that it is so simple with just a blink of an eye you’ll be there, you know all those very simple and not that so tricky falls? you just need to walk for a few minutes and boom! there you go.

There are seven falls which only two I was able to go due to exhaustion and lack of time. you know that no matter how tired you are if you will going see how beautiful the nature is, you won’t feel that tired feeling. Above that we have seen and heard the first noise that accompanied the heavy impact of water. I’m so excited to come here.

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The Journey

I believe that Life is not about finding yourself, Life is about creating yourself”. We are different from each other, and we know it! some are gifted with talents on how to sing, dance, draw & sketch, play instruments and some people know all that but not good as them. Life on Earth is not fair. That’s the word that always sinks into my mind. In my life, the only reason why I go this far is what they called “the only root of all evil”, Money. don’t be such so hypocrite, I am not raised in a high-class family, my parents own a farm and earned 7-8 sacks every cropping. When I graduated in high school, I never thought that I can proceed to college. I even tried to apply for a scholarship, but I did not meet the requirements because I run out of time. Luckily, my grandfather on LA provide my full tuition every semester and even gave me extra money for my allowance. I took up Bachelor of Science in Development Management Major in Public Affairs Management in University of Southern Mindanao- Kabacan. Of course, Trials are always there. I am elected as Society Treasurer that stands for a big role in Development Management

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