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How much does Ear Wax Removal Cost?

Ear wax (cerumen), naturally occurs in everyone’s ear. It contains long-chain fatty acids, both unsaturated and saturated, as well as cholesterol, squalene, and alcohols. The Bridgend Clinic offers ear wax removal (micro suction), the price cost £160. This is a very common procedure in children since it is very hard to remove ear wax in a natural way. Microsuction reduces damage to the structures of the inner ear compared to using small tools and cotton applicator.

According to

“The average cost of professional ear wax removal ranges between $40 and $100 depending on the build up in the ear.” This can be done is a doctor’s office or a person can go to a specialist that focuses on the health of the ear. In addition to removing the wax from the ear, a physician may need to prescribe ear drops in order to keep the wax in the ear from building up again. If a person goes to a clinic to have a Continue reading How much does Ear Wax Removal Cost?



It was Monday afternoon
I was lying in my bedroom
When I felt the sweat that runs in my body
That’s why I lazily woke up
And turned on the electric fan

When I start washing my clothes
The cloud hides the sun
And a huge wind blows around
Suddenly I heard a multiple raindrop
That feeds the thirsty land

I start wondering
That rain is like a problem
You cannot escape it
But you must face it
You might get wet
But it can molds you to be a better one
And always remember that after the rain
There is a rainbow

That no matter how trials
Tried to knock you down
Try to steal happiness from you
And how life puts you in vain

Stand up, smile and face forward
Remember why God chooses you to live and covers our sin with his love
Because everything in this world that God has created
Rain or Shine
Millions of raindrops that may poor into you
God is always there for you
Showered his blessings
Countless like RAINDROPS.

A dog named Mayblue

I wish to have one like you
A hairy, sweet and loving buddy,
To tear my teddy bear
To lick my face and neck
To play with me a nail
And to bark the cat when he’s near

You always want a very cold water
Because you know it when it’s not from the freezer,
You always want to brush your hair
Three to four times a day
When you take a shower,

They call you baby smarty
Because every time you want to poop
You want us to know how it smells
You don’t want to wash your teddy
Even if he’s so dirty

Every morning when he calls you
You show your face like hey! I’m blue,
You always want to sit with a pillow
Like you always wanted to,
You don’t want to leave you
Because you cry in front of the window

Every time you heard the sound of his car
Even if he’s far, you run into him
And show how much you missed him,
I watched you in distance while you’re craving to bite me
And me like, oh! That’s scares me

I just missed the time when you were still my baby
We travel together and you slept to my knee,
You poop around in my room
And wake me when I’m asleep
How sad in seeing you now
Barking as you don’t know me.